How long are the workouts and are they appropriate or my fitness level?

The workouts are 1 hour long. We warm up for a few minutes, then there are intervals of power walking or jogging (your choice - no pressure ever to run!!) for about 45 minutes, and the last 10 minutes are reserved for abdominal work and stretching. It is a real workout, so wear clothes you are comfortable exercising in. That said, however, we offer the class so that you are able to take it at whatever fitness level you are currently at. We want to challenge and support you where you are, but also give you the opportunity to improve your physical strength and endurance so that you have the strength you need for MOTHERHOOD!! Because we all know that being a mom is physically demanding. You know you are doing the right amount at class when you leave energized for the next few hours. When you've overdone it, your body lets you know right away, by depleting energy. We know it is most likely you caring for your child for the remainder of the day and we want to help you have the energy you need so finding that just right balance is very important to us at class. Ultimately, we want you to listen to your body and go at your pace for that particular day.