A note about heat advisories and keeping kids cool at class: 1) if there’s a heat advisory scheduled DURING class time then we will move class inside. If it’s for AFTER class time then we will still hold class outside and take extra care to be in the shade throughout class. Tips for keeping you and the babies/toddlers cool at class on hot days: 1) Take a wet washcloth, put it in the freezer in the morning or night before. Bring it in a ziploc and let the kids hold it or bite on it. 2) water spritzer/spray bottle to spray yourself or kids 3) water guns for kids 4) ice in your water bottle and an extra water for after class 5) squishy ice packs covered in a light hand towel or cloth to put in the stroller or behind the back of the stroller 6) clipon mini fan Feel free to share any other tips!

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No formal class on Memorial Day but feel free to follow this workout. Take one big lap around the rectangle 1) on the grass Squat with an overhead press to old macdonald 3 animals Take a lap around the rising and behind the dam 2) at the railing by the picnic tables do a row with your palms facing each other (go red band) to I've been working On the railroad. Then do 30 with your palms down and your elbows coming up high to twinkle twinkle Go around the four red bricks going fast on the straights and recover on the short side 3) walking lunges down the first straightaway of the big rectangle towards the hill Go up the hill two times! 4) at the railing after the hill do push-ups on toes. Tap your opposite shoulder for added intensity. Still at the railing hook your band and do triceps kickbacks with ur elbows locked at your sides. Finish with a lap around the rising and around the four red bricks Abs: hold plank for 45 sec, side plank 45 sec, other side 45 sec, back to middle for last 45 Then do bicycles pushing the heels away for 1 min and 30 sec Enjoy the time with your family and friends!

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